Psychological functioning / Diagnostic Testing

Often we are aware that we are experiencing difficulties in life, but it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of our distress. A comprehensive psychodiagnostic evaluation allows us to identify specific problems that you are experiencing, how they developed, and what function they serve. To achieve this, Dr. Meier conducts a comprehensive assessment, which involves a clinical interview, structured diagnostic assessment, collateral information from treatment providers and/or family members, a review of medical/academic records, as well as standardized tests. This information is then compiled into a report that outlines one's background, testing results, diagnostic impressions, and specific treatment goals and/or recommendations.


Personality Assessment

​Personality impacts how we perceive ourselves and others, which in turn influences relationships. However, we are not always aware of the make up of our personality structure or how it impacts our lives. Identifying personality traits, interpersonal style, personality strengths and weaknesses, as well as how our personality influences our ability to tolerate stress and how we perceive ourselves can allow us to develop recommendations to enhance personal growth and improve relationships.​

Licensed Clinical & Forensic Psychologist (PSY27471)

Neuropsychological and Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessment can provide information on one’s cognitive functioning and how their cognitive strengths and weaknesses may impact daily life. Tests administered may include paper-and-pencil tests as well as computerized tests, across domains of intelligence (IQ), verbal reasoning, working memory, processing speed, and perceptual reasoning. After testing is complete, you will be provided feedback on the results, how they impact your life, and recommendations to improve your overall functioning and ability to thrive academically and/or professionally.

Neuropsychological and cognitive assessment can assess issues related to:

  • Intelligence (IQ)
  • Learning Disabilities or Difficulties
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Psychiatric Symptoms
  • Memory Issues

Psychological Assessment